20:00 Standa Rubáš

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Berlin (Baby 81 2007)

Metal Church - End Of The Age (Hanging in the Balance 1993)

Dream Theater - Take The Time (Images and Words 1992)

Blind Guardian - Lost In The Twilight Hall (Tales From the Twilight Word 1992)

Angra - Carry On (Angels Cry 1993)

Bruce Dickinson - Accident of Birth (Accident of Birth 1997)

Hammerfall - The Metal Age (Glory to the Brave 1997)

Edguy - Heart Of Twilight (Kingdom of Madness 1997)

Primal Fear - Play To Kill (Jaws of Death 1999)

Clawfinger - Pin Me Down (Use Your Brain 1995)

21:00 Standa Rubáš a Martin Horčic

Kamelot - Elizabeth II. Requiem For The Innocent (Karma, 2001)

Ghost - Elizabeth (Opvs Eponymovs, 2010)

Opera Diabolicus - Blood Countess Bathory (1614, 2012)

Venom - Countess Bathory (Black Metal, 1982)

Slayer - Beauty Through Order (World Painted Blood, 2009)

Bathory - Woman Of Dark Desires (Under the Sign of the Black Mark, 1987)

Cradle of Filth - Bathory Aria (Cruelty and the Beast, 1998)

22:00 Petr Korál

Parkway Drive – Karma (z alba Deep Blue, 2010)

Crowbar – As I Heal (z alba The Serpent Only Lies, 2016)

Cancer – Corpse Fire (z alba Death Shall Rise, 1991)

In Flames – Everything Counts (z alba Whoracle, 1997)

Exodus – Metal Command (z alba Let There Be Blood, 2008)

Helloween – Pumpkins United (singl 2017)

Amorphis – Grain Of Sand (z alba Queen Of Time, 2018)

Arch Enemy – Shadow On The Wall (z alba Stolen Life, 2015)

Master’s Hammer – Ten dvanácterák zmizel v houští… (z alba Jilemnický okultista, 1993)

Gruesome – At Death’s Door (z alba Twisted Prayers, 2018)

Soulfly – The Prophet (z alba Primitive, 2000)

Obituary – Sentence Day, Brave (z alba Obituary, 2017)

23:00 Dejvy

CANCER - Back From The Dead (CD Death Shall Rise)

REVEL IN FLESH - Casket Ride (CD Emissary of All Plagues)

GLOOM - Lillyann (CD Catharsis)

ENTRAILS - Eaten by the Dead (CD The Tomb Awaits)

FORGOTTEN SILENCE - Tres Marias Pt_ I (CD Thots)

SECTESY - Putrid Inflammation (CD In the Secretion of Upcoming Days)

ABSTRACT - Flourescent Tube Part III. (CD Lighteeory)

XENTRIX - Balance Of Power (CD Shattered Existence)

MELANCHOLY PESSIMISM - Melancholy Pessimism (demo 92)

TORTHARRY - Day Has Died (CD When the Memories are Free)

DEAF AND DUMB - Last Day Of Mankind (demo Lightnessdark)