20:00 Standa Rubáš

Rosy Vista - Tables Are Turned (Unbelievable 2019)

Rosy Vista - Hopatina (Unbelievable 2019)

Tesla - One Day At a t Time (Forever More 2008)

Hardline - Lifes A Bitch (Double Eclipse 1992)

The 69 Eyes - Dead Girls Are Easy (Back In Blood 2009)

Grand Magus - Forged In Iron - Crowned In Steel (Sword Songs 2016)

Beast In Black - Unlimited Sin (From Hell with Love 2019)

Beast In Black - This Is War (From Hell with Love 2019)

Iron Maiden - Shadows Of The Valley (The Book of Souls 2016)

Ozzy Osbourne - The Almighty Dollar (Black Rain 2007)

Helloween - A Little Time (Keeper Of The Seven Keyes part I 1987)

Týr - Grindavisan (Valkyrja 2013)

Herman Frank - Sinners (Fight the Fear 2019)

Herman Frank - Hitman (Fight the Fear 2019)

Glenn Tipton - Kill Or Be Killed (Baptism of Fire 1997)

Ghost - Missionary Man (Popestar (EP) 2016)

Sacred Reich - Heal (Heal 1996)

Avatar - A Statue Of The King (Avatar Country 2018)

Stone Sour - Knievel Has Landed (Hydrograd 2017)

In Flames - Sleepless Again (A Sense of Purpose 2008)

Jinjer - I Speak Astronomy (King Of Everything 2016)

Machine Head - Locust (Unto The Locust 2011)

22:00 Petr Korál

U.D.O. – Tongue Reaper (z alba Steelfactory, 2018)

Parkway Drive – Vice Grip (z alba IRE, 2015)

Alestorm – Watch the Plank (z alba Sunset On The Golden Age, 2014)

Rhapsody Of Fire – Distant Sky (z alba Into The Legend, 2016)

Pestilence – Multiple Beings (z alba Spheres, 1993)

Incantation – Lus Sepulcri (z alba Profane Nexus, 2017)

Amon Amarth – Twilight Of The Thunder God (z alba Twilight Of The Thunder God, 2008)

Cannibal Corpse – Edible Autopsy (z alba Eaten Back To Life, 1990)

Satyricon – Deep Calleth Upon Deep (z alba Deep Calleth Upon Deep, 2017)

Soilwork – The Flameout (z alba Natural Born Chaos, 2002)

Hellhammer – Maniac (z SP Blood Insanity, 2016/1983)

23:00 Dejvy a All

IMPERIAL DOMAIN – The Future Is Lost CD The Deluge

EMBRIONAL – Lord of Skulls CD Evil Dead

EMBRIONAL – Endless Curse CD Evil Dead  (třetí album deathmetalové skupiny z Polska)

SWALLOW THE SUN -  The Crimson Crown CD When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light

SWALLOW THE SUN – Firelights CD When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light

BONE ORCHARD – Divine LP Moonwards

BONE ORCHARD – My Sun LP Moonwards

OTHUUM – Black Corpse River CD The Astral Horror